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Walking stick bugs are more commonly referred to by their scientific names In the United States at least of either Phasmatodea, Phasmida, as occasionally as Phasmatoptera. In Europe, they call these insects stick-bugs or bug-sticks. The name Phasmatodea comes from the Greek term phasma, which means phantom or ghost. 17/12/2019 · The stick bug is a type of insect that actually looks like a stick. It uses camouflage to look like the sticks or branches of the trees where it lives. There is also a leaf type bug that looks like leaves. Together they make up the order of insects called Phasmatodea. There are around 3,000 species. Walking stick bug body structure and coloration resemble real twigs or branches so strongly that often birds or other predators do not notice them at all. If this camouflage fails for whatever reason, some species of walking sticks have other means to protect themselves. Eurycantha horrida.

BASKETBALL LOVER 1 "It was interesting.I enjoyed reading this.It helped me learn a lot about stick insects for my homework.I had to name that insect,then tell what its habitat was, then i had to describe it's camouflage in my own words.The pictures helped me to draw a picture of the stick bug.Good job. Stick Insects are also known as stick-bug, phasmid, leaf insect, bug insect and walking stick etc. There are approximately 3,000 different species of stick insects. They are found in all continents except Antarctica. They generally mimic their surroundings in color, usually green, brown, grey etc.

17/12/2019 · It is easy to see how stick bugs get their name. They resemble straight, slender sticks with six long spindly legs and two thread-like antennae. They do not have modified front legs that can catch other insects for food like praying mantis. Since stick bugs eat only foliage, they do not attack or bite people or other. Stick insects are insects that often mimic sticks, branches or leaves. There are over 6000 stick insect species on Earth, many of which are kept as pets. 16/12/2019 · Sometimes used as a name. Fits in with Sunshine, Rainbow and Tigerlily. Beetle. Not usually used as a name. Could be a nickname for Abital, Bartel, Bertille, Bentley or Bristol. Bluet. Blue meets Truett. Bug. Would make a cute nickname or pet name. Possible full names could be Burgundy, Brogan, Bogdan or Abigail. Cricket. 29/03/2019 · How to Take Care of Stick Bugs. Stick bugs are long insects that resemble sticks. They can be purchased at many pet stores around the world. If you have purchased a stick insect, you should make sure you care for it properly. Make sure you. 30/05/2018 · Funny Vines of Thomas Sanders Vine Compilation With Titles All THOMAS SANDERS Vines 2018 - Duration: 44:35. All Of Vines 8,377,288 views.

03/07/2012 · Meet some bugs with names that make. Scientists have a sense of humor just like the rest of us. The difference is that a scientist's jokes are sometimes enshrined in the body of knowledge for eternity, or close to it. One of the ways they do this is naming things that previously had no name.

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